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Psychadelics, Microdosing, and Emotional Healing

Healing requires a shift in your perspective and in the way you feel. These shifts happen more easily as you're able to shift your state of mind. Methods of shifting states have always been core to our work, whether through working with clients to teach meditation or breathwork, or to help them catalyze change using hypnotherapy.

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Psychedelic plants and fungi have been sacred to many traditional cultures around the globe and are often used by the mystics and sages within those cultures to enhance their ability to see reality from different perspectives. As their use is making their way into Western mainstream society, these substances are rapidly gaining acceptance as powerful tools to bring about mental emotional healing. A flurry of research is increasingly showing that these medicines are able to succeed in the healing of mental and emotional issues where other mainstream approaches have failed.


Those experienced with psychedelic medicine know that the lasting changes these substances catalyze are not sourced in some change to the brain's neurology or chemistry, but rather by giving users a powerful and direct experience of the interconnectedness of all of reality, the infinite nature of consciousness, and a deep sense of meaning that infuses existence itself. These senses of connectedness and meaning are the antidotes to the underlying sources of nearly all forms of mental and emotional suffering: disconnectedness and a lack of meaning.

We support the ongoing expanding use of psychedelic medicines and we support our clients in their safe and appropriate use of these substances. Through educational coaching sessions we help our clients to understand their options, explore the safety considerations, of these options, and learn how to maximize the benefits of their experiences through appropriate ritual making and intention setting for their journeys. When geographically close, we sit for our clients through their journeys. And whether near or far, we provide psychoemotional and spiritual integration of their experiences post-journey.


As these medicines continue to gain legal status in more jurisdictions, we look forward to helping bring these medicines to more and more people and communities who could benefit from them. In a world suffering from disconnection and lack of meaning, we know that psychedelic medicines have the potential to not only heal individuals, but humanity at large.

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