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What is Psychedelics Support?

If you are planning to embark on a therapeutic or spiritual journey through the use of psychedelics, it is important that you arrange some support in the process. Psychedelic Supports include:

  • Education on safe, appropriate, and optimized use of psychedelics

  • Guidance in clarifying your goals for the journey

  • Discussion of potential non-psychedelic alternatives to achieving your goals

  • Assistance with setting a clear and positive intention for your journey

  • Assistance with determining appropriate dosage and preparation for your journey

  • Collaboration on choosing the musical elements for your journey

  • "Sitting" with you during your journey, including managing your physical environment, musical experience, and providing emotional guidance and support as needed

  • End-of-journey listening and reflection to help you to psychologically and emotionally synthesize your raw experience, identify the meaning of individual experiential elements, and find patterns and themes across your journey

  • Post-session integration to bridge your psychedelic experience into your day-to-day life and to maximize opportunities to turn the experience into meaningful positive change for you


What's unique about the Psychedelics Support we offer?

Our years of both personal and professional experience with altered states of consciousness for purposes of mental, emotional and spiritual exploration and healing make us uniquely qualified to provide Psychedelics Support.


While hypnotherapy has been our primary mode of engagement with clients, our personal and professional development has involved a continuous exploration of states of mind and consciousness through complementary methods, including meditation, breathwork and psychedelics. Additionally, as connoisseurs of consciousness, we have studied not only the methodologies for achieving and navigating these altered states, but also the philosophical backgrounds of the traditions that gave rise to these methods.


With a depth of understanding and experience in both the practical and philosophical aspects of psychedelic journeys, we are able to uniquely support you in having the safest and most optimal experience possible.


Want to discuss working together?

If you are interested in talking with us about how we can support your journey, let's start a conversation. Submit a contact request through the chat window or on the contact form located on our homepage, and we'll get things started!

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