Hypnotherapy is founded on the understanding that the subconscious mind has evolved to protect us from harm, as a self-protection strategy.  Now that's pretty cool.  At times, these self protection mechanisms either no longer work in our favour, or work to some degree but includes undesirable side effects.  Through hypnotherapy we seek to heal, resolve, neutralize and transform rather than simply helping you to "cope" or "manage."

Hypnotherapy involves relaxing the mind into a state of consciousness similar to meditation and then using words and the imagination to reprogram our beliefs that form the basis of our psychology and our behavior.  Going into the state of hypnosis allows us to employ the power of imagination to create situations that are perceived as real.  This phenomenon of the mind allows emotionally charged memories from the past to be neutralized - in other words, this allows us to heal trauma. When we use the mind to vividly imagine things the way we would have wanted them to have happened, the subconscious accepts these newly created positive scenarios. This results in the neutralization of negative feelings associated with the original memories, freeing us from trauma, erasing triggers, and liberating us from the limitations that trauma creates in our lives.  This is emotional healing. This is emotional liberation.

Hypnosis has been endorsed by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association (PDF Position Paper).

Since 1995, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended hypnotherapy as an effective approach for anxiety, smoking cessation, and several medical conditions.