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Hypnosis and Panic Attacks

Below are research articles on hypnosis and panic attacks with the key points highlighted in blue for your ease of reading.

Am J Clin Hypn. 1990 Jan;32(3):160-7. Rational self-directed hypnotherapy: a treatment for panic attacks. Der DF, Lewington P. University of British Columbia.

A single-subject research design was employed to assess the efficacy of rational self-directed hypnotherapy in the treatment of panic attacks. Presenting symptoms were acute fear, dizziness, constricted throat, upset stomach, loss of appetite, loss of weight, insomnia, fear of doctors, and fear of returning to work. Treatment lasted 13 weeks plus a 2-week baseline and posttherapy period and a 6-month follow-up. Objective measurements (MMPI, TSCS, POMS) and self-report assessments (physiological symptoms and a subjective stress inventory) were implemented. Using hypnosis and guided imagery, the subject reviewed critical incidents identifying self-defeating components within a cognitive paradigm, revising and rehearsing these incidents. Results showed an increased sense of control, improved self-concept, elimination of pathological symptoms, and cessation of panic attacks.


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