We are committed to helping build healthy communities.  

Michael Nolan and Andrew Gentile leading a sleep clinic at the Horizons Program. Upper Canada College, Toronto.

We are supporting and empowering youth.

By nurturing teens' emotional resilience and wisdom, we are helping build the elders of tomorrow today. 

Locally, we are excited to be continuing this building through our multi-year collaboration with the Horizons Program at Upper Canada College, teaching stress reduction, emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills to youth from priority neighbourhoods. 

We are committed to helping build healthy communities.  

With the Toronto Inuit Association, we are sharing our holistic mental health frameworks and collaborating with local Inuit leaders to develop innovative new approaches to healing that are aligned with and build on traditional Inuit values.​ 

We are sharing skills through conversations.

We are in dialogue constantly learning, teaching, building networks of people committed to a holistic vision of healing for everyone everywhere.  This year again we are honoured to  be able to continue these conversations through our work with the Municipality of Cambridge Bay  and their Youth Enrichment Program. 

A group of teens taking part in the Youth Enrichment Camp in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. (Kate Kyle/CBC)

Andrew Gentile with Susan Aglukark and the Arctic Rose Foundation team receiving a 2020 Arctic Inspiration Prize.

We are serving other Leaders in fulfilling their vision.

Andrew Gentile serves as Holistic Mental Health Specialist for the Arctic Rose Foundation's Messy Book Program.  This program trains senior high school students as CALM (Community Artist Liaison and Mentor) Workers leading after school therapeutic arts programs in their home communities in the North. 

In February 2020, The ARF was awarded a grant from the Arctic Inspiration Prize to expand on its programming and services.