We are inquisitive.

About our clients – how you think, how you feel, your health and well-being. We've been on our own personal journeys for many years. Years of exploration, discovery, and healing of ourselves. And then, years of sharing healing and transformation with our clients. We share the best of what we've learned with you.

We are practical.

Hypnotherapy  is simple, accessible, empowering, and provides you with immediate benefit.

We are inspired.

By the idea that with the right knowledge and tools, you can evolve into the best version of yourself. When you heal from your past and align with your gifts, talents and passions, you live better and you make the world a better place for everyone.

We are committed.

To your success and your transformation.

Our Philosophy is Simple.
It's your birthright to experience peace, well-being, and calm.

Our work is to empower you with tools to heal yourself, be free of what doesn't serve you and to connect with your own natural, open, clarity and wisdom. 

In the words of a recent client, "I have learned that I have the power to let things go on my own. I have the power to really relax my body, to express love and gratitude where I would otherwise find it difficult, and overall to connect with myself and my potential."

This is what our work together is all about.
Our Mission is to Transform the Way People Live.


We are fulfilling this mission through coaching and training our clients into direct experience of their ability to heal themselves. We are also doing this by connecting, sharing and collaborating with folks across Canada from Toronto to the Arctic Circle who want to heal themselves and help heal their communities. Internationally, our students come from across the United States, Latin America and Europe to train in Transformational Hypnotherapy and holistic emotional healing methodologies. 

We are supporting and empowering youth.

By nurturing teens' emotional resilience and wisdom, we are helping build the elders of tomorrow today. 

Locally, we are excited to be continuing this building through our multi-year collaboration with the Horizons Program at Upper Canada College, teaching stress reduction, emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills to youth from priority neighbourhoods. 

We are committed to helping build healthy communities.  

With the Toronto Inuit Association, we are sharing our holistic mental health frameworks and collaborating with local Inuit leaders to develop innovative new approaches to healing that are aligned with and build on traditional Inuit values.​ 

Michael Nolan and Andrew Gentile leading a sleep clinic at the Horizons Program. Upper Canada College, Toronto.

We are sharing skills through conversations.

We are in dialogue constantly learning, teaching, building networks of people committed to a holistic vision of healing for everyone everywhere.  This year again we are honoured to  be able to continue these conversations through our work with the Municipality of Cambridge Bay  and their Youth Enrichment Program. 

A group of teens taking part in the Youth Enrichment Camp in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. (Kate Kyle/CBC)

We are serving other Leaders in fulfilling their vision.

Andrew Gentile serves as Holistic Mental Health Specialist for the Arctic Rose Foundation's Messy Book Program.  This program trains senior high school students as CALM (Community Artist Liaison and Mentor) Workers leading after school therapeutic arts programs in their home communities in the North. 

In February 2020, The ARF was awarded a grant from the Arctic Inspiration Prize to expand on its programming and services. 

Andrew Gentile with Susan Aglukark and the Arctic Rose Foundation team receiving a 2020 Arctic Inspiration Prize.


About Andrew

For nearly 20 years I've been using my understanding of the subconscious and the interplay of thoughts, emotions, behaviours and human physiology to help clients understand the root causes of their suffering and to coach them through transforming themselves at the deepest level.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Medical Hypnotherapist since 2003, with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry, and an M.Sc. in Environmental Management, I bring a deep body of knowledge and variety of perspectives to help you make the changes you've been seeking.

My studies in urban Permaculture design helped broaden and deepen my understanding the overlaps, parallels and intersections between emotional and ecological health and healing. We are our environment, and our environment is us. Through my work with clients, I've come to keenly understand the influence of the psychological and emotional environments in which we grow up. Culture, religion, financial abundance or scarcity, the mental health and mindset of our parents - these all form parts of our environment and directly influence how we develop our adult assumptions, expectations, attitudes, perceptions, as well as coping and defense mechanisms. My further studies and experiences with nutritional counseling, homeopathy, energy work, mediumship, and shamanic healing have allowed me an incredible flexibility to effectively work with clients of any background or belief system.

My interests, skills, and frameworks span the scientific to the spiritual. I customize my approach with each client to match their needs, desires, values and belief systems to safely and gently gain maximum results in the shortest time possible. I am driven by results and select the most effective techniques available to get clients the breakthroughs they've been looking for.

Finally, it is my great desire to share my understanding of the mind with as many people as possible. Sessions with me are educational and empowering. I find great satisfaction in helping each client better understand the nature of their subconscious mind and how their "problem" is nearly always rooted in some positive intent of the subconscious - usually some outdated desire to protect the self against emotional or physical harm. Often, the understanding that arrives in these pre-hypnosis discussions causes layers of shame and guilt to evaporate as clients learn that some inner part of them has actually been trying to protect them.

Educational, training, and experiential highlights:

  • 2014 - Co-Founded Resource Method Trainings, Inc.

  • 2017 - present - Teacher of Inner Power Series at Upper Canada College's Summer Horizons Program

  • 2018 - present - Teacher of 10-Day Transformational Hypnotherapy program

  • 2019 - Co-facilitator of 12-Day Youth Enrichment Program Winter Camp, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

  • 2019 - present - Holistic Mental Health Specialist at Arctic Rose Foundation


About Michael

From an early age I've been fascinated with how people can harness their creative power to change their lives for the better. The intersection of psychology, spirituality, and holistic approaches to healing continues to move and inspire me. My work is targeted, multidisciplinary and effective.

My over two decades of study and experience in the healing arts, coupled with my intuitive, holistic and multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness consistently brings powerful breakthroughs to my clients. Hypnotherapy sessions with me include a robust educational component, whereby I give my clients biochemical and physiological perspectives on their psychological and emotional experiences.

In alignment with my integrative approach, I’m a certified hypnotherapist with both hypnotherapy and advanced hypnotherapy certifications, I’m a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and am trained in permaculture design. Hypnotherapy sessions with me include  all of these perspectives and a robust educational component, whereby I give my clients physiological perspectives on their emotional experiences.


My background in Permaculture Design also lends an expanded framework for healing that includes the interrelationships between the health of the individual, the family, society, and the environment.  Concrete, simple ways for you to build a more naturally sustainable and lower impact relationship to all aspects of your life makes a huge difference in your healing journey.

By bringing in an integrative approach to the issues you are working with, you are better empowered to take healing actions from multiple angles. I incorporate the best perspectives of mind-body healing approaches from around the world to support, enrich, and deepen my clients’ results. This approach to hypnotherapy is ideal for understanding and bringing about the deepest transformation possible for you.

Educational, training, and experiential highlights:

  • 2017 - present - Teacher of Inner Power Series at Upper Canada College's Summer Horizons Program

  • 2018 - present - Teacher of 10-Day Transformational Hypnotherapy program

  • 2019 - Co-facilitator of 12-Day Youth Enrichment Program Winter Camp, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut